Explore Heartcore experiences that bring travel adventures closer to home. Craving a blend of nature and adventure for your event? Provide your team with the thrill of a Heartcore activity. Whether you’re seeking a standalone activity or a comprehensive A-Z experience, choose what complements your guests’ experience the best!


[ Patagonian-style open fire cooking ]

Embark on an authentic open fire cooking activity with its roots in the outdoors. This sensory experience makes you observe, smell, taste, and handle fresh ingredients into a unique flavored meal. You get insights into optimal preparation methods and acquire new, straightforward techniques for enhancing flavors.

Revel in the beauty of nature and your surroundings throughout the cooking journey, where the true essence lies!

Our seasoned outdoor chef prepares a tailored menu with paired wines and beverages.
We host the workshop at an existing location, or it can be produced with a logistic arrangement, including tents, tables, and decor.

Fire cooking
Table with food
Set table
Fire cooking
Fire cooking
Open view
Fire cooking fish
Fire cooking happy people
Fire cooking drinks
Pouring a drink
Fire cooking view
Fire cooking table
Fire cooking wood and fire
Fire cooking relaxed
Cheers to

[ Glamping ]

Enjoy an evening under the stars with maximum connection to yourself, your companions, and the natural surroundings.

Our tent camp offers a unique experience amid unexplored nature. Our scalable set-up ranges from basic or comfortable to full blown luxury glamping, for 2 to 60 people.

Glamping inside
Glamping outside
Glamping outside
Glamping outside with fireplace
Glamping inside
Glamping inside with people
Glamping outside with lights
Glamping inside dark outside

[ Abseiling ]

Discover the sensation of holding your life in your hands by hanging from a vertical rock wall, armed only with a rope. Breathe, focus, and guide yourself from the cliff’s summit to its base.

Surprise everybody with this thrilling experience, seamlessly and unexpectedly integrated into a nature walk. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure that will engage the collective support of the entire group.

Abseiling top view
Abseiling gear up
Abseiling climbing down

[ Fire & Ice ]

This experience takes you out of your body and fully into your mind. Explore a journey to master the art of controlling your thoughts and manage your actions. Uncover the inner strength needed to walk over a burning pile of ashes or plunge into a pool of ice-cold water.

Remember, it is all in the mind!

[ Slackline ]

Challenge yourself and enhance your skills. In the slackline experience, we guide you beyond your comfort zone to learn exciting new skills. Relax, focus and listen to your body’s signals, mastering control over every movement while you are balancing midair on a rope.

Whether it’s an individual challenge, emphasizing focus and body awareness, or a group effort with a competitive edge, you decide.

Uncover the limitless possibilities of what can be achieved with a slack line.