~ a path or rough road 
~ a mark or line left by a person, animal, or vehicle 

~ to follow the trail to find them or note their course
~ run so that the back ones are in the track of the front ones


Always on Track 

Keeping your team on track is a verb, not a place. Even when you’re right on track, if you just sit and wait, others will run over you anyways. 

Heartcore doesn’t take your group to walk the beaten paths. We take our travelers on a journey, they did not yet experience. Moving forward from one destination to another, we discover new horizons every day, moving from one place to the next one. It is about taking the right path, as an individual and as a team. We teach teams and leaders of organizations to embrace the journey since it is as important as the destination itself. In the meantime, we create the right setting to connect to each other, your team, the surroundings, and yourselves.

[ Corporate connection ]

Since exploring gives the opportunity to engage with your fellow travelers, it is also the perfect environment to bond with your company. Creating connections between your brand & your stakeholders is one of the main pillars in the organization. We use engaging event communication tools and provide groundbreaking workshops & activities. Heartcore translates the values of your team in a tailored quest both in production as in emotional involvement.

[ The preparation is worthwhile ]

Tailored communication is key to having the right impact, translating the why to the what; the how to the where. How many milestones you envision in your journey, you decide with our travel & communication experts, who will assist you with the right approach for your journey.

[ Experiential leadership development ]

We offer the option to enrich your experiences with individual & group challenges. Professional coaches monitor & guide you to get more insights into your leadership skills, & help you take immediate steps to become a better version of yourself.

The greatest part of a journey is not arriving at the destination, it is all the valuable stuff that happens along the way.