[Meet the team]


Heartcore is an agency risen from the shared passions of its founders, Bartel & Suzanne. Heartcore takes you to raw locations to create high-end experiences to make authentic connections with your surroundings, team & yourself. With a low environmental impact, Heartcore guides its travelers to their own nature, and obtains a high-output experience. 

Let’s introduce the founders. 

Bartel Van Riet – nature & world explorer

Bartel Van Riet has been discovering the world since he was young, developing an impressive savoir faire & savoir vivre of free nature. Although he visited wonders all over the world, most of his preferred destinations lay in Europe.

“There are so many unique places to visit, people to meet, sometimes we just can not see the beauty just around the corner”. Taking people on a journey, and letting them discover the widths of nature together, is one of the things he finds the most joy in. Bartel scouts destinations & discovers places no other team has gone before.


Suzanne Somers – travel & event professional

Since a 2 week trip to Brazil, and a 2 month trip to New Zealand at the age of 17, travel has been Suzanne’s favorite activity. Discovering places, exploring habits & cultures, and tasting and traveling through a new destination opened her heart & since then the magic happened. 

Suzanne is working as an independent event & travel producer creating experiences for companies & groups. With Heartcore she has the opportunity to combine her passion for organization & creating unique experiences. Sensible as she is, she understands groups & has the highest attention to detail, from how the onboarding of a traveler is done, to how the surprise dinner at the mountaintop needs that specific touch to stand out completely.


Cravat Events

Founded by Thomas Van de Velden en Yves Hellemans, Cravat Events is a creator of moments. Their stories fit the audience, their settings fit the theme. The team of Cravat has a passion for people and authentic relations.

They are a very proud supporting partner of this new way of providing travel experiences for companies.