If you ever want to experience all of nature’s beauty, Lofoten is the perfect place! During a 5-day trip with a small group, this extraordinary landmark shows itself in all its glory. Freshly snow covered mountains, warm sunshine, magnificent wildlife and to top it all off, several nights of never seen before Nothern Lights!

Norway, Lofoten coverfoto

One of the most unique destinations in the world. Be astounded by monstrous mountains emerging from the sea. The raw elements of nature show themselves here in all their silhouettes.


lodging From sleeping in an authentic ‘rorbu’ in one of the oldest fishing villages, to camping/glaming on a secluded beach, Lofoten offers the perfect setting for unique sleeping arrangements.

This region is filled with tradition and culture that stems from years of experience and activity.


A landmark that is known to live of the sea and fishery. Smell, feel and taste what delicacies they produce!

activities To experience Lofoten in all its glory, it is best experienced in a number of ways. From a helicopter in the sky, through hiking on the mountains, to fishing and kayaking on the sea.