Surrender yourself to what Lapland has to offer during a 4-day nature adventure in winter. Experience things you have never done before and step outside your comfort zone on all levels.

Take control and step in the “driver’s seat”. Depart on a journey as a musher with 4 dogs and a sled or discover the lakes and forest by snowscooter.

To top it of, maybe the sky will bless you with the magical Northern Lights.

Sweden, Lapland Coverfoto
nature Vast frozen lakes flanked by mystical forests filled with snow covered trees, eluminated by a green lit sky of Northern Lights. That is the landscape you may expect travelling to Lapland during winter.

lodging Besides from sleeping under the stars, a lot of other beautiful alternatives are possible. From small authentic wooden forest houses without water or electricity, to sustainably build lodges on the side of a lake.
culture Living close to and with nature is a special lifestyle that the Nordic people have perfected. Discover what it means to truly be one with nature and the people who live in it.

catering An immersive experience is never complete without high-end service. Enjoy the present and don’t worry about the small things. During the trip your luggage and catering is all taken care of.

activities_color Lapland offers an array of possibilities when it come to activities. From mechanical, fast and loud snowscooters, to manual, slow and quiet langlaufing or dogsledding.
Sweden Lapland pulling a sled
Sweden Lapland cross-country skiing
Sweden Lapland snowmobile view
Sweden Lapland snowmobiles