Our beautiful blue planet has a lot of gems that remain hidden. We never stop exploring, are eager to travel and discover new worlds.

All our travel designers actively expand their horizons every day to keep developing new trips!

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nature True Nature
Our trips explore untouched nature, where you can find yourself and others. We immerse our travellers in authenticity and honest simplicity. That purity translates into authentic relationships.

lodging Unique Accommodations
In every destination, we find unique accommodation options. Heartcore selects extraordinary locations away from traditional hotel experiences.
culture Local Culture
On every trip, you get a taste of local culture and customs. We put you in touch with authentic customs, local ingredients, music and hospitality as you won’t experience them anywhere else.

catering High-quality Service
Heartcore embraces every guest with warmth and care. Boundless service provides unannounced moments of happiness. Attention to detail creates an experience where our guests feel truly valued.

activities_color Extraordinary Activities
All these ingredients frame carefully chosen activities. Our travel designers lace the trip with extraordinary activities, screened and selected according to the wishes and needs of the group.
Xploring field with trees and sun
Xploring horses and red mountain
Xploring castle view
Xploring river
Xploring flowers
Xploring trees
Xploring kayak
Xploring boats
Xploring mountain view
Xploring plants
Xploring mountain and sea view
Xploring rock wall
Xploring field
Xploring sunset
Xploring air balloon