We love exploring our wonderful planet, and hope you do too.
Discovering every possible country or region during our trips is a wonderful way to connect with different cultures.

Landmarks legende

[ Belgium, Luxembourg

[ Belgium,


Our own country has so much to offer. You don’t have to travel far to encounter beautiful nature.

[ Italy, South Tirol

[ Italy,

South Tirol

Get a taste of the magical mountain called the Vigiljoch. Return inwards, just feel, just simply be.

[ Japan

[ Japan

Discover this mountainous country in a unique way. Get off the beaten path and carve out your own while exploring nature and learning about culture.

[ Latvia

[ Latvia

Largely covered in forest and nature, Latvia still has a lot to discover. Still unknown to the big public, this destination is the perfect getaway, close by with an only 2,5-hour flight.

[ Nepal

[ Nepal

This country truly has it all! Located near the roof of the world, the views of monstrous mountains will amaze you. Combine that with magnificent wildlife, nature and the most friendly people on the planet.

[ Norway, Lofoten

[ Norway,


One of the most unique destinations in the world. Be astounded by monstrous mountain rising from the sea. The raw elements of nature show themselves here in their best and worst form.

[ Spain, Pre-Pyrenees

[ Spain,


The Pre-Pyrenees have still much to uncover.

[ Sweden, Lapland

[ Sweden,


The Swedish forests leave much up to the imagination. This landscape transforms tremendously during the different seasons.

[ Xploring

[ Xploring

We never stop exploring! Challenge us with a destination, we are excited to surprise you with a tailormade program.